Focussing on the challenge ahead

Has anybody else noticed a shift in the mood this year? We have had some horrible events; US and Iran tensions, Australian bush fires, Coronavirus. Even with all of this and Brexit finally happening, there still seems to be a real air of positivity around business.

The stagnation in getting business done we faced over the last year might be turning around, at the very least decisions are being made and can return to a more confident outlook.

Take a moment to pause and reflect

Before you lose yourself in the momentum of the now not so new-year, there are a few things I’d recommend you take some time to evaluate:

  • How often do you feel uncomfortable in a good way? Are you spending enough time growing your skills or have you settled into a way of working that doesn’t push you?
  • How do you currently operate? Is the way you are doing things now providing you with the ability and opportunity to scale your success exponentially?
  • Does what you do allow you to spend time with your loved ones? I am a firm believer that balance is necessary for building the best business. Success is always easier with the support of your loved ones.

We all want to fuel business growth, but in the act of doing, we can sometimes forget to take a step back and assess if what we are doing is the right thing. I often meet with business leaders who haven’t taken the time to step back and improve their skills and develop better ways of working.

Make sure you give yourself the time to step back from work and plot the best route to your success.

For me, 2019 for me was about focussing my energies on building new skills. I had just exited from Accenture following the Karmarama acquisition, which allowed me to get back to making things, with some space to push myself into opportunities that challenged me.

Learning new skills and being challenged mentally and professionally, have led me into some territories that I’ve not previously considered and that have now all become businesses at various stages.

With that in mind, I wanted to share the projects I’ve been working on and what my focus for 2020 is.

The Zeitgeist

The Zeitgeist is your modern growth consultancy. Specialising in helping businesses understand what their growth agenda looks like and turning that into action with growth marketing campaigns that accelerate growth.

We bring together all of the tools and frameworks that will support your growth and help with:

  • Growth strategy, helping you define your vision and the plan to achieve it
  • Value proposition, working closely with business leaders to set a clear market position and point of difference
  • Go-to-market strategy, that takes the vision and values of your business and applies smart thinking to get to market and begin showing results
  • Growth marketing campaigns, that help bring accelerate our strategic thinking and deliver a return to the bottom line

Everything we do is underpinned by our strategic approach to sales and marketing, which is always focused on delivering results and impact.

I’m excited for the year ahead with The Zeitgeist. This wasn’t a business I’d planned to get into but has evolved naturally from our board advisory services. Presenting the opportunity to work with some fantastic companies and brands.

We also launch our podcast series this month, which brings the work we do to life by sharing very open and candid stories from business leaders and founders.


Vaunt is a real passion project that has turned into an exciting business opportunity, co-founded with a good friend of mine Lorenzo. Together, we’re redefining fragrance and bringing a brand with a new attitude to the market.

Vaunt is about fragrances for expression, not suppression, and we are building a brand around positivity and optimism.

We’ve launched with three unique fragrances that have been designed, created and bottled all on the heart of London. The brand has been built, the product is shipping, and we’ve even established our own distribution centre.

For 2020, I have two key priorities with Vaunt. Firstly, making sure the marketing is just right – from strategy through to execution, following our tests at the back end of last year. Digital and a data-led approach are going to be very important for us.

Secondly, our focus is on developing our retail distribution partners. Right now, you can buy our unique fragrances online, but by the end of the year, three new perfumes will be on shelves near you!


Hotspots is a brilliant collaboration with a close friend and ex-client of mine. Meaning I can keep my hand in on the world of digital product, which has been a career focus for me to date. Plus we’ve pulled together an all-star team to work on it.

So what is it? Well, Hotspots is the first pre-market property platform.

By allowing property owners and potential buyers to interact and plan future moves around shared timelines, Hotspots is a digital platform aimed at disrupting the residential house buying market.

In short, we deliver demand-generation of buyers to homeowners, putting them in control of when and how they sell their home.

The platform is currently being stress tested, alongside the refinement of our launch marketing strategy ahead of our invite-only launch.

It’s been a brilliant journey to date, and the team are very excited about bringing this to market.


Finally, we have HooHaa. Another collaboration with Lorenzo, my partner on Vaunt. And our mission is to take the bullshit out of beauty!

The concept was born from our exploration and understanding of the fragrance market for Vaunt, and we realised just how under-served niche and artisan brands are in the industry.

These niche brands are the ones that are creating market-changing products but don’t necessarily get the cut-through with the major retailers.

Importantly, we know there is so much bullshit that space with too many people putting too much emphasis on notes pyramids that frankly nobody else cares about!

So, we’ve created HooHaa. A retail business that showcases the best of the new wave of brands. A no-nonsense, straight-talking approach to getting your hands (or nose) on the best perfumes in the market. Plus a few clever ways of helping you try them out!

Looking forward

So! That’s my 2020 – lots to do and more importantly, lots to learn. If I’m not pushing myself into uncomfortable territory, then I’m not growing myself. Personal life and business life – if there’s no growth, what’s the point!?

What are you most excited to improve this year?

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