An agency is an ecosystem

Apr 24   •  Culture

Building, growing, managing an agency of any size is difficult. But it can be a lot of fun along the way.

But as with any agency the ways of working and processes are essential to its success. Many will tell you this. And it’s true.

But that’s only half of the equation. An agency needs something more. It needs a heart.

Something that breathes life into the apps, tools, processes, spreadsheets that do such a good job at protecting the agency and the making sure things run on tracks.

The heart of an agency needs to be built around culture. A culture that’s built on creativity, flexibility, trust and guiding principles that each person will do the right thing for the work, the client and the agency.

Without a heart, an agency is just a factory. And as a factory that business is not producing creative work.

The process is such a crucial part of this model, which is why an agency has to be looked at like an ecosystem and not a machine. Too much process and the life is sucked out of the business and you might as well have a production line.

But balanced carefully with a culture and heart, you get an ecosystem. A living thing that isn’t 100% perfect but works by taking the balances processes in hand alongside swagger and creativity to make something special.

This careful balance doesn’t just create great work. But it’s an environment that talent will want to be part of and stay with.

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