Growth planning.

Yoyo Design

Building a growth strategy through a refreshed value proposition

Client background

Yoyo are an award winning web design agency with a fantastic reputation for producing great work on behalf of their clients. With over 10 years experience they focused on the not for profit and charity sectors.

Our brief

Yoyo were keen to understand how they could accelerate their growth and unlock their full potential. They had amassed a consistent level of revenue for many years but struggled to get past this threshold and grow the business further.

What we did

We took Yoyo through our full Growth Programme including our key frameworks and methodologies. This also included a recommended working rhythm and an ongoing retainer with meetings each week. We needed to identify their position in the market and where they wanted to be. We also needed to create a clear and understandable proposition so that clients knew why to come to Yoyo. All while also creating an industrialised go-to-market team to help close deals and open opportunities. We achieved this by firstly auditing their existing business and reviewing their current sales pipeline and immersing ourselves in their current processes, strategies, team make-up. Importantly we also collectively reviewed and looked to understand their proposition. After understanding the important background information we undertook the value proposition design process. The core business values were identified and we understood the market challenges for clients they wanted and deserved to work with. This led us to the value proposition of “Brand experience with impact”. We felt this personified what Yoyo excelled at (creating effectiveness with web design) and also leant into what the target customers needed to buy or wanted to solve. Following rigorous testing of the value proposition to ensure it worked for them we moved onto the market strategy framework. The market strategy framework is a new and fresh approach to generating leads that have a much higher rate of conversion. We paid specific attention to key aspects of the framework that resonated with Yoyo and we felt would garner the best results. These were Strategic Themes and Bespoke Sales Enablers. As well as working through these key areas we also undertook a very detailed analysis of their target segmentation and completed bespoke sales campaign planning. This key process around their sales opps makes sure they have an engine to run sales and marketing under their growth team function. This helps everyone to understand who is supposed to do what and when regarding the pipeline. Roles and responsibilities are very clearly defined and this helps to eliminate errors. Importantly we don’t just set the foundations for growth we work seamlessly to help implement change with an ongoing rhythm. We ensure alignment and work closely on a day to day basis. We become strategically attuned with what’s happening in the business and can catch opportunities and challenges when they arise. As we’re not waiting for monthly board meetings before affecting change in the business, growth is rapid and accelerated.

Delivering results.

We helped Yoyo smash their targets…

Showing new value

Design of a new cut through value proposition in a crowded market

15% overall growth

Amid a global pandemic we achieved accelerated growth

Scalable growth

Clearly established go to market strategy

Working with Ryan has really helped us to achieve results that we thought were out of our grasp. Through a series of clear processes we have understood our business better and adapted it to grow and exceed our goals.

Jenny Kitchen CEO

Goal achievers.

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